The Road to Blue

Following a less than average rider, try to achieve her riding dreams

A Fresh Start..

Lately all I have cared about is getting a new horse and moving up and going to a bunch of shows and jumping higher and doing this that and the other thing but after putting myself in perspective, I realized thats not really what I need right now. If I get a new horse that could jump higher, I would still be showing in the same division and maybe I would win more or place higher but that wouldn’t be because I worked for it and I improved, it would be because I had a horse that made it easier. 

Easier doesn’t make you a better rider. Easier wouldn’t force me to drop my stirrups more or make me improve myself as a rider. Easier wouldn’t strengthen my leg or make my eye better, easier would just get me more ribbons. But who cares about ribbons when they weren’t truly earned? It’s just a piece of fabric. It’s supposed to represent an accomplishment but what accomplishment comes out of easier?

I don’t need to jump higher. I’m perfectly comfortable jumping how high I do now and even this height I haven’t perfected. Aren’t you supposed to perfect something before you move up? My horse may not be able to jump higher, but she makes me happy. She makes me WANT to come to the barn. Looking in her eyes makes me feel something. That’s what being an equestrian is all about. Not how high you jump or how many ribbons you win. It’s the bond between a horse and rider. Its being able to know what each other is thinking even before any aid or cue is given. It’s trusting each other. Who cares how high you jump? Or if you show at rated shows? Nobody that matters.

"Don’t let what you have today slip away waiting for what you’ll get tomorrow."

I’m starting over. I’m stepping back from myself compared to other people and looking at myself compared to myself. I’m going to make the most of this year. I’m going to improve myself and if that comes with more ribbons, great! But if not, who cares. I would rather feel accomplished with myself rather than accomplished in some judges eyes.

This is my fresh start!